Rollerblading 19th March 2011

Engrossed with the instructions

All ready to go


Youngest participant

Resting after all the fun

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Raising a confident and resilient children March 12, 2011

Engaging the participants


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5 Love Languages -

Enthusiastic trainer

Lively group discussion

Attentive audience

Related activities


Are you all having fun?

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Pictures for Maximizing your child's potential : Preparing for exam

Ice-breaker is always fun and help everyone to
feel more relax and at ease.

Dr Agnes Tan's practical knowledge and relevant
examples in the subject field was enriching and

Group Discussion help parents to share their
understanding of the subject.


Pictures for Understanding your child's learning styles (English)

Ice-breaker : A short game for parents to know each other a little.

Speaker: Steven Tan
Sharing his experiences and knowledge in this topic.
Parents have a better understanding on how to help their
children after this talk!

Pictures for Understanding your child's learning styles (Mandarin)

Speaker: Jason Ng

Parents are attentive and showed great interest during the talk.

Although the class size is small, it's warm and more personal.

Pictures from 5 Love Languages course

Alice in action.
Attentive Class
Truly focused
Enjoying the learning curve
In deep thought
Love Language....
A course much enjoyed.